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worldsteel extranet

The worldsteel extranet is a password-protected website. It is available exclusively to the members of the World Steel Association (worldsteel). The worldsteel extranet provides details of worldsteel’s Programmes and information relating to the activities of worldsteel.

The main sections are:

  • Home: features news and announcements, links to documentation relating to current worldsteel meetings, and the latest Publications & Reports.
  • Meetings: current and future worldsteel meetings. Links to Committee & Project meeting documentation, Annual Conferences, Board meetings.
  • Statistics: a comprehensive overview of steel-related statistics and forecasts.
  • Publication & Reports: Steel Industry Reports, Regional Studies, etc.
  • Membership: from this section you can search the Members Directory (listing worldsteel Member Companies, Committee & Project Members...), update your contact details and find other membership-related information.
  • About worldsteel: an overview of worldsteel's Officers, Board Committees, worldsteel Media Releases.
  • Contact: contact information for the Brussels and Beijing offices; complete list of worldsteel staff.
  • Programmes: an overview of worldsteel's Programmes providing access to Committee & Project documentation (including meeting details). Lists of Committee & Project Members.
  • Governance: Annual Conference, Annual General Meeting, Board Meeting and Executive Committee Meeting documentation (access restricted to the members of each group). Antitrust Guidelines.